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Serial #1, 4-6-0 with tender


D,E&RG #4 with tender and combination car in 2011

This engine is 10 foot long with an additional 6 foot tender, just over 4 foot wide and 7 foot high.


D, E&RG #4 in 2000

Scan_20180903 (2) - Copy.png

D, E&RG #4 in 1992

IMG_0128 a.JPG

New compresser on DND RR #4

MVIMG_20200709_141715 2.jpg

DND RR #4 (ex D,E&RG #4) after 2020 rebuild

IMG_0127 a.JPG
IMG_0125 2.JPG

New solar headlight and train number lights.

New Walschearts running gear.

IMG_0117 2.JPG

Note firebox and compressor

IMG_0126 2.JPG

New steam powered generator for headlight

IMG_0114 2.JPG

Note firebox

IMG_0109 2.JPG

Back end of tender with access ladder

IMG_0119 2.JPG

DND RR #4 cab with new controls.

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