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Our Story

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The Gosselin Locomotive Works started 30 years ago as the dream of a father and his 3 year old son.  The son loved trains and wanted one on his very own.  So for his birthday their very first locomotive was made.  A year later the tender as added as another birthday gift.  Years later when sisters were added to the family a combination baggage and passenger car was added.  Now the train serves as the playground for another generation.


The next generation enjoyed playing on the train so much (typically a trip to Snake Beach) so another locomotive was created for her.

Many people have stopped to take in the original engine over the years.  We at the Gosselin Locomotive Works would like to offer you the opportunity to have an unique landscape with your very own locomotive while giving your children (or grandchildren) a space to claim as their own and allow their imagination to run free.

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Construction Information

All Gosselin Locomotive Works engines use the following materials:

Pressure treated plywood for drive wheels, other large wheels and decking.

Pressure treated lumber for underframe and select frame members where additional strength is required.

Redwood for all showing frame members,

28 & 30 gauge aluminum for all siding, except when wooding siding would be expected, such as American 4-4-0 locomotives.

Signs and labeling are 3D printed ABS

Hand rails are galvanized pipe and EMT.

All wood surfaces are primed before assembly and painted after assembly.

Walk on surfaces are coated with a truck bed lining

Ties are 4 foot long pressure treated 4 by 4 s sealed/stained to approximate real ties coloring.

Rails are composite plastic landscape bender board painted to approximate real rails.

All assembly is completed with construction, deck and lathe screws while sheet metal to sheet metal joints use pop rivets. 

The boiler is reinforced with a 2 x 4 (typical) spine at the top supported at each end by ribs that reach to the boiler cradle framing.  The domes, stack and light are attached to ribs that are, in turn. attached to the spine.

All electrical is solar powered.  There are batteries within each electrical unit to sustain power.

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